Friday, June 29, 2012

Andy Mason Concert

Yesterday I picked up Maria and Cordelia and we headed to an Andy Mason Concert.  He's been here in town for a couple of days and Maria and Cordy had already been to at least one concert but were eager to attend again.  Andy is actually a friend of their's and has been staying at their house so they got to enjoy some private concerts as well.

Maria and Eric, in fact, were hired to create one of Andy's videos.  One of my favorites was a song about making a burrito.  Cordy's little diaper clad bum was featured in that one.  It was pretty cute!

Andy does more than entertain little kids and their parents and grandparents.  He wrote a song, sung by Amber Wiley, called "Smile".  ALL the proceeds go toward an organization called Smile Train.  Check out their site here.  They work to repair cleft palates for children around the world, giving them a reason to smile. I love that Andy does this.  If you want to help, go to Andy's Site, scroll down and purchase the song, Smile.  I'd recommend his other music as well.  It's just fun!  Let me know what you think!

Cordelia had such a good time at the concert!  There were lots of children there and they really got into it.

Andy, Warming Up the Crowd

 Cordy Doing Some People-Watching

 Cordy Making Friends



Maria Rose said...

ZGlad you got to come with us!

P.S. We didn't produce the films we were hired to create them.

Susan Struck said...

Ooops. Sorry. I edited and fixed it. I guess I don't remember what "produce" means. When I create something, I produce it. I realize it means something else in the film industry so sorry to have misrepresented your work. Whatever you did, I thought it was marvelous!

AKM said...

Andy rocks! I love family music like his that adults can still jam out to! (I don't even have kids! LOL!)

Great organization, Smile Train. Gonna have to buy that infectious "Smile" song!

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