Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where There is Smoke There is Fire - Somewhere

Yesterday morning I felt like I was driving to work in a fog.  No, I don't mean I was sleepy.  It really, really looked foggy.  It wasn't, though.  For one thing, it is dangerously dry here right now.  I wish it had been fog, but it was smoke.  Every direction I looked was a smoky haze!  I couldn't tell for sure the direction or origin. I'm still not sure as there are fires to the South of us, West and North.  Again this morning the smoke is making my eyes water.  It's really a breathing hazard as well.

We aren't really all that close to any of those fires, not so far this year anyway.  Several years ago the mountain near us was on fire, though, and it was close enough that we had ash dropping in our yard.  It was just a little taste of what people all over the western U.S. are experiencing right now.  So many lives are disrupted; so many people are worrying about their homes.

Fire is so strange when you think about it.  It is so scary and so destructive.  It can be life-saving or life-endangering, used as a campfire or storming along as a monstrous wildfire.  It is also very beautiful and very powerful.

When I checked on Facebook this morning I found a lot of photos, such as the one above. I am a bit ashamed to say that I am mesmerized by the photos.  The power of fire is just so incredible.  However, it makes me so grateful for people who have taken the time to learn to battle fires on our behalf.  It sounds like one of the worst jobs in the world to me.  They purposefully run toward the danger while people like me just want to get far away.

I can't imagine what it would be like to look at a photo such as that knowing one of those houses was your's.  My heart goes out to those folks.  And worse, I see video on television of people unable to cross the barrier to get to their neighborhood to try to get to family members, not knowing if they are safe.  I am certain I would not handle that very well.

Looking at so many photos of all those fires made me realize how small and insignificant people are in relationship.  This world doesn't even really need us; maybe we just get in the way.  That makes it all the more incredible to me to know that God treasures us and cares about us.  I don't always understand why that is, but I am ever so grateful.

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Lisa said...

In the opening day of the Invasion of Iraq it was torture because the pictures were everywhere. It was devastating to see the 101st Airborne in formation, on their knees with their gun pointed to the ground in Najaf because I knew my teenage son was somewhere in that formation. I finally had to stop looking.I wouldn't turn on the TV or listen to the radio. I think I cried every day of that year. I'm sure those people whose homes and families are in danger are in as much pain as I was. It is so hard when you want to stop the menace and there is nothing that you can do. Without God you are absolutely helpless. I have been praying for those people and I will be praying for you. If it gets too bad wear a breathing mask if you need too. It won't shield your eyes, but it may protect your lungs a little bit.

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