Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shopping Day

I don't really like to shop too much.  I thought I wasn't quite a natural woman but as it turns out, I've heard other women say they don't like to shop.  How about you?  Do you enjoy shopping?

Perhaps I should qualify my statement about shopping.  The truth is, I LOVE to shop on line.  It makes me feel guilty, though.  I feel I should be supporting local businesses, especially the small ones.  Do you feel that way?  So, today I am going shopping and I am leaving my living room to do it.

First on my list is a new washing machine.  Our's came with the house.  When we bought the house 8 years ago I thought the washing machine looked like it was on its last leg.  It died a noisy death this week. It has carried us along for 8 years, though, so I won't complain.  I wouldn't likely buy a washing machine online, either, so it makes sense I'd have to go out and about for that.  I'm not looking for fancy or pretty.  Our machine sits in our basement laundry room where looks are not important.  I just want clean clothes.

Next, I have to shop for work shoes.  Previously I've worked where I could wear closed toe hiking sandals, even without socks.  I've loved that for Summer!  However, I now work at a surgical center so the rules are more strict regarding staff footwear.  I'm really, really tempted to shop online for shoes.  I've had some great luck with Zappos and places like that.  If the shoes aren't quite right they are easy and free to ship.  They usually get them to me in 1 to 2 days as well!  I like to reward good practices such as that but I am determined to shop locally first.  Nurses out there, any advice on work shoes?

I probably  need to stop at a grocery store today as well.  I don't really know what I need just yet, but I am sure I need something.  I always do.

The first bit of shopping to be done today, though, is to hit a giant yard sale (garage sale).  Do you call it a yard sale, garage sale or something else?  Our whole subdivision has one week-end every summer where they pool their advertising resources and do their yard sales on the same day.  I do NOT enjoy having a garage sale, do you?  However, I actually do enjoy attending yard sales so that part of my shopping day will be delightful.  Do you enjoy garage sales?  Maria and Cordy will be garage sale-ing with me so that will make it fun.  Cordelia always adds a touch of sparkle and class to any adventure.

(file photo)

(file photo)

I can hear the traffic in our neighborhood already picking up.  I don't feel the need to join those out for the early finds.   I'm content to look over the left-overs when I get there.

So, although I don't really enjoy shopping, I think this will be a good day.  I hope it is for you as well!


Maria Rose said...

I only like shopping at a few selected places and I have a very low endurance, but we look forward to seeing you!

Anne Marie said...

I intensely dislike shopping! I wish I could do all of my shopping online, including for groceries. Zappos is my favorite shoe store, and I can get just about anything from Amazon, including many of my gluten free grocery items. But, alas, there is still a need to actually enter a store once in a while. Boo, hiss! :o)

I do not enjoy having a yard sale at my house, but I do enjoy the money that comes from unloading the surplus. I have found that taking the good junk to a consignment store works just as well, and I don't have strangers wandering in my driveway and garage. I rarely attend yard sales anymore as I have enough of my own junk to get rid of!

Tina said...

I DO NOT like shopping. Online makes life a bit easier. I too wish I could get groceries the same way. I do not like garage sales. I guess it might be due to having to deal with a wheelchair at the same time.

AKM said...

I don't like shopping, either. I much prefer to do it online, but like you, I feel a bit guilty not supporting The Local Little Guy. So I STILL try to do THAT whenever I can.

I DO love poking around at garage sales and thrift stores, though. I have to be in the right kind of mood, though, i.e., not looking for something super-specific, because you never know WHAT you're going to find thrifting. Which is often the best part. ;-)

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