Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Peanut Butter and Banana Paninis for Dinner

Well, hello there.  I did get a bit of sleep yesterday morning but I am simply not a good day sleeper.  I am grateful that I don't usually have to work 2 nights in a row as it takes a bit of recovery time for me.

Our daughter, Maria, came over late in the day.  Our son-in-law, Eric, as well as sweet Cordelia and their dog Bumblebee completed the party.

I made a strange meal.  The roasted ears of corn, fresh pineapple and other side dishes weren't that weird but I grilled paninis made with peanut butter, bananas and bacon bits (vegan).

This was not my own idea.  When we were in North Carolina last week, eating at Otis and Parker (or was it Parker and Otis?) I saw this on the menu.  In fact, Sara ordered it without the bacon.  I realized many bacon bits are vegan so I just went with that idea for serving to my vegan loved ones.

It probably won't go on my list of favorite foods but it was unusual and tasty so I wasn't disappointed.

After our meal we played a couple of games of Farkle.  Do any of you play Farkle?  We enjoy it, even though it gets crazy silly playing with Mike and Eric.  While we played, Cordelia and her new Dora Doll watched Dora the Explorer on Netflix.  Cordelia was VERY focused.

I was calling her name but she wasn't hearing me.

She settled in for more comfortable viewing.

As the Farkleing carried on, Sam entertained Cordy with some bubbles.

Bode was helpful.

Bumblebee chose to relax on the deck.

It was a nice evening, after which I went to bed and slept for 10 hours!


Niqui said...

A fabulous post, I have a big smile on my face (^^,).
Your pics are fabulous, they tell their own little stories!
Panini looked interstering, think that I may have added a chocolate spread! LOL

Have a special day

Maria Rose said...

Glad you got some rest after the farkle beat down that I unleashed!

Susan Struck said...

Niqui, thanks. My daughter-in-law must think like you. She suggested I include chocolate chips.

Maria, Oh, did you win? I can't remember.

Michelle said...

Loved all the photos!

AKM said...

Oh, I just love those sammiches. I'm found of peanut butter and cheese, too. And they must always be grilled. Now I want one. ;-)

AKM said...

*FOND of...

(...but I would like to "found" one, right now...)

EJN said...

I love your pix - they are always great. Have a great one!

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