Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Good Old Days

Last night started off quite lovely.  One of my nieces, Stephanie, came to town.  It was nice to have her join us for dinner. Maria, Eric and Cordelia joined us.  We were pretty well behaved.

Stephanie had other plans with friends for the evening but since we were all gathered, we decided to play a game of Farkle.  It started out rather ordinary, but somewhere along the way things went wrong... all wrong.

Somebody, I won't say who, decided it was funny to toss a little fake poo into the Farkle Cup.  Actually, it was kind of funny... the first time.  Maria went to roll the dice and out came something more.  It looked pretty gross.  We should not have laughed,  I guess.  Soon, Mike and Eric were trying to outdo each other.  They'd each sneak out of the room and next time they had the Farkle Cup, they'd sneak a new item into it.  It got really weird very fast.  We rolled dental floss, a moustache comb and Bubba teeth, among other things.  Eeeew!  Maria and I laughed a lot but eventually we reached a point of laugh fatigue.  Mike and Eric, however, never ever have laugh fatigue.  It did not cease to make them giggle with pride!

Cordy watched Yo Gabba Gabba with some intensity, but managed some time to hug on Grandpa.

Maria looked beautiful, wearing what Eric called her pregnant Jedi outfit.  I can't wait to meet baby Jedi!

Things are the good old days, aren't they?

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Maria Rose said...

A very fun and very weird night!

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