Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Genetic Laughter Seizure Syndrome

We have a serious disorder that runs in our family.  I simply can't conceal it any longer.  I am thinking of organizing some kind of fundraiser or applying for a grant to support research as little is known about this disorder.  Maybe our daughter-in-law, Sara, will head up the research.  Of course, I will have to ask her to stop her present research looking for genes associated with liver cancer and such.  I'm sure she won't mind as she realizes the severity of our condition.

You see, there is little known of this syndrome that runs in our family.  It seems to affect the females more than the males.  I am guessing it is caused by some as yet unknown mutation.  Perhaps it began with my mother as she is the first one I've known to suffer extensively from this.

She passed it on to me.  

I passed it on to Maria.

I am sorry to report that Cordelia even shows early signs of it.

This dreadful Genetic Laughter Syndrome causes out-of-control attacks of laughter.  You might even say we have laughter seizures.  These attacks often begin with little or no warning.  We don't usually even get an aura as some do before a migraine attack.  We might even be in a formal or serious situation when it occurs.  It can be completely distressing and socially unacceptable.

Occasionally we cause quite a scene as people around us may think we are sobbing.

Physically these attacks can be gravely dangerous.  It becomes difficult to breathe!  Drooling is a serious risk.  Because of that risk, it is advisable to cover our mouths with our hands.

As people begin to stare it seems to increase the intensity of the seizure.    

Even as the laughter seizure begins to resolve, there is an extended period of recovery before we reach full functionality again.   Often there are tears to be wiped.

It takes time to regain composure.  A period of total and complete exhaustion sets in.  It really is utterly dreadful but we do not seek your pity, only your understanding.

Please watch for future fundraising events to help find the cure for this Genetic Laughter Seizure Syndrome (GLSS).  We simply must seek the cause so that a cure can be found.  If you are interested in organizing your own events on our behalf, such as a walk-a-thon or a bake sale, please contact me.  I thank you in advance for your care and concern.


Maria Rose said...

She is telling the truth, it's outta control!

Anne Marie said...

Oh, no! I am a GLSS victim myself, and had a major attack just this past Monday...please, PLEASE...find a cure soon! I wonder if GLSS is the same mutation that causes the dread snort laugh? :o)

EJN said...


Michelle said...

I've had attacks myself. I believe it is also related to the crazy-person- laughing-out-loud-while-reading syndrome. I have books that I have a hard time reading because the laughter tears blur the print!

elizabeth said...

oh for goodness sake! this same thing happens to me! it happened the other day when we were canoeing, of all things. i was laughing so hard i had tears running out of my eyes and i'm surprised i didn't capsize us. it's a rather crazy feeling . . . i'm so glad to know there are others (just like me) out there! :)

Emily said...

Looking at all of these photos totally made me smile!

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