Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good-Bye Talking

Yesterday Maria and Cordelia and I drove to the town where my Mom lives.  After picking her up we met my aunt and one of my cousins at the cemetery.  You see, they are the designated family grave decorators for Memorial Day and we had been invited to go help pick up the flowers with them.  I was happy to go as I didn't really know where all the family grave sites were.

It's a sad thing, to go to a cemetery and see names of people you love and miss.  I know my people are not really there but sometimes I think it is good to have a place to visit, a place to remember.   There is something kind of peaceful about feeling that connection to the generations over time.  I don't really know how to put it into words but I think it gives a sweet perspective.

Even among the living, we had a generations thing going on.  We were blessed to have my Grandma Rose for the first year of Cordelia's life and we had a five generations of women photo then.  We are down to just four generations now but I realize we are still truly blessed.  This photo shows Cordelia surrounded by her Great-Grandma Grace, Grandma Sue (me) and her mother, Maria.

OK, as long as I am showing you a photo of my Mom, I should clear something up.  Yesterday I showed a photo of her laughing.  Behind her are lots of alcohol bottles.  For the record, I took that photo at a Mother's Day Brunch and the bottles were not her's.  She was just drinking water.  There.  I straightened that out.  Happy, Mom?  

 When we were finished we were all standing around by the cars, visiting before we went our separate ways.  It was then that Cordelia said something that showed unusual perception for a child of just 2 1/2.  She said, "Mommy, are we good-bye talking?"


Maria Rose said...

What a lovely day it was! A lot of wonderful ladies!!!

Anne Marie said...

I especially loved the goodbye song Cordelia sang to us! Twinkle, twinkle... ...banana pants!!! :o)

Annmarie Pipa said...

what a beautiful group of women! your daughter is gorgeous!!
It is a sign of respect to visit cemeteries.

Emily said...

I used to go with my mom and my aunt to decorate our family graves each Memorial Day weekend. It is neat to see and think about the generations of people who are a part of my family's history.

Victoria said...


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