Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Celebrating our Starter Child

Today marks one of the top most important days in my life.  Our first baby, Maria, was born on this day!  I love remembering how I felt as I saw her for the first time.  Meeting this little person that was a mixture of me and Mike was such a remarkable experience!

Maria was an active baby, a precocious toddler and an advanced child.  I once told Mike that she was like a little adult just trying to pretend to be a child so as to fit in with the other children.  She's always been inquisitive and concerned about the world around her.  She was such a joy to raise!

Maria is a wife and mother herself now.  She's an artist a writer and a teacher.  She's creative and kind and beautiful and loyal and forgiving and honest and she's my friend.  She adores her  brothers, laughs at her Dad's jokes and always makes me feel special.  She's funny and knows how to let loose and be silly.  She has deep compassion.

Although she was our starter child, we must have done something right because she turned out to be someone who makes us so very proud.  I hope she knows that.

I thank God for this lovely woman in my life, my daughter.


affectioknit said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Maria!

Have a lovely day!

momto8 said...

happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

Maria Rose said...

Thanks mom. You made me cry on my birthday! I love you!

Victoria said...

You did a lovely job mom

Emily said...

I agree with Victoria. You did a great job! And I am so glad to know both of you! :)

AKM said...

Maria rocks and so do you! Happy birthday to her, and thank you for being her mama!

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