Thursday, April 19, 2012

Birthday Season

It is birthday season in our family.  Do any of you have those times where it is about a birthday a week for awhile?

Last night we gathered to celebrate our daughter, Maria.  She is beautiful, isn't she?  She's just as kind as she is pretty...just so you know.

We had people working on our shower in our bathroom, which had to be replaced.  I've also had the refrigerator repairman here and we replaced the dishwasher and microwave, among other patches and improvements.  I guess it is not just birthday season but also repair season.  Anyway... we just let the bathroom people (not their official titles) work and carried on with our party anyway.

When it comes to decorating, I have been known to go all out.  Actually, that is just a big fat lie.  This little banner is the extent of it for me.  I've used it for years and probably will continue to do so forever.  Oh sure, I've decorated a bit more when the kids were little but not much.  Maria is so much more into that sort of thing but it just didn't seem right to ask her to come over and decorate for herself.

Cordelia helped set the table.

I'd been at work all day so Pizza Hut brought us our meal.  It was so nice of them to cook for us!  I did make vegan cupcakes the night before and frosted them before I left for work.  They were kind of sad looking but they tasted good.
Cordelia is always helpful.  She enjoyed helping Maria blow out candles on the cupcakes. 

Mike was out of town, actually already on his way home, after having been gone a few days.  Since he didn't get home for the party, Eric took photos to send to him.  More specifically, Eric took photos of each of us, separately, wearing Mike's jean jacket and Case Tractor Hat.  That wasn't weird enough.  He also dressed each dog up in Mike's attire as well.  If you are crazy enough to want to see such photos, go here.  I'm not sure how much of that operation was observed by the people working on our bathroom!

No matter how we celebrated, I'm just so very grateful for the chance I had to mother this beautiful person.


affectioknit said...

FUN! I'm hoping to have some bathroom workers here soon too...

Have a lovely day!

Maria Rose said...

I love you mom!

Allen said...

We have a birthday WEEK--June 21st, 23rd, &24th..

Emily said...

I saw the jacket/hat photos. Too funny! We have somehow managed to really space out our birthdays in my family. The only tricky one is my twins' birthday. They were born nine days before Christmas, so their birthday is always in the middle of the frenzied holiday season. We try really hard to not lump them in with the holiday, but to still make it special.

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