Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Carpet - AGAIN!

It is new carpet day.... AGAIN! 

Our house has been in some form of disarray since late June.  In case you don't remember, our first new carpet was installed in July.  Just before the last room was to be completed we discovered the carpet was VERY faulty.  The fibers just plucked right out.  So, we lived with half done carpeting while the replacement carpet was being shipped.  That took several weeks.  When it arrived I went in to the store to see it and it was just as faulty.  SO, that was returned and I ordered a totally new carpet.  That took several more weeks.  When it came in I went in and approved it (yay!) but our carpet-layer friend was tied up for a few weeks.  Last week his calendar cleared but I was in training for my first weekat hospice and so we had to postpone to today.  So, here's how we are living today:

The living room furniture has been smooshed into the dining area.

Our bedroom furniture is mostly in the guestroom...

And Dan, our carpet-installer, has already put down the pad in our bedroom this morning.  That was the room that never got finished last time.

So, a busy day but at least we are making some progress!

I hope you are having a lovely Wednesday!

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Petra said...

So glad you're making progress. You must be very patient! :-)

Happy Elf Mom said...

Yyyyeahhh, I remember this whole ordeal, but not the fact that it has taken so many months!! Eep. Hope they are giving you a very sweet deal because of your time and trouble!

Maria Rose said...


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