Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seeing Double

Yesterday, while Dan the Carpet Man was working, I picked up Maria and Cordelia and we met Mike and Sam at the mall for lunch.  Before we left their house, though, we let Bumblebee and Bode play.  They hadn't been together for a couple of weeks while Bumblebee recovered from a little surgery.  They were SO happy to see each other.  It was sweet.

The trip to the mall was fun.  We just kicked around awhile, enjoying time together.  While in Target, I used my cell phone to snap pictures of Cordelia.  She was trying on hats and having fun with a full length mirror.  She couldn't be cuter, could she?

It was just lovely to watch her entertain herself.

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Maria Rose said...

We had a lovely time with you!

Happy Elf Mom said...

I love the names. I know the results are going to look great. SO glad you complained and got something done about it.

Niqui said...

Too beautiful xx

Kate W. said...

She is such a little fashionista! :)

Petra said...

You're right, she's very cute!

Victoria said... cute how she gravitate towards hats

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