Saturday, September 10, 2011

Movie Matinee

I've been wanting to see "The Help" for awhile now.

When Mike and I were on our little vacation in Montana we had planned to go to two movies.  I voted to see the one he wanted first, thinking we'd save my choice for the last day.  It all goes along with one of my life-long plans of "saving the best for the last".  I don't know why I keep planning my life that way.  Religiously speaking, it is what I expect of course, saving heaven for last.  However, in this world it has not worked out the best for me.  Remember the underwear story?  In Montana we saw Apollo 18, which was rather forgettable, and had something else going on and did not go back to see "The Help".

I also try the "saving the best for the last" all too often when eating potato chips.
In case you aren't aware of this, some potato chips are better than others.  It is such a joy to eat a chip that isn't already broken!  I especially like large chips that are folded over.  They crunch the best.  Equally good are the ones with just a gentle curl to them that kind of fits right over your tongue.  Saving those for the last is a great plan when I am eating alone.  However, when Mike is nearby it is risky.  He thinks it is pretty funny to come by and snatch one of those dandies just before I get to it!

Oh man, I've gone off-track, huh? my friend, Donna, asked if I'd want to go see "The Help" with her yesterday.  I was excited!  I was waiting out front when Donna arrived.  She graciously allowed me to take a picture of her sweet face.  I just think she has a great smile and a face that really lets her beautiful sense of joy shine out.

The movie was wonderful.  You've probably already seen it, huh?
It was a story that needed to be written.  Having said  that, I'd have to agree with reviewers I'd read who said it kind of wrapped everything up in a pleasant kind of package to achieve a happy ending.  I didn't care about that so much; I actually appreciated it a bit.  I also appreciate any movie that reminds us where we've been in this country regarding racial issues.  Hopefully in the remembering we can better avoid going down that horrible road again.  In fact, I wonder why we even use the term "race".  Aren't we the human race?  Maybe we should just say "ethnicity issues" or  "skin tone" issues.  I just don't think "race" is quite the right word when what we are really talking about is the amount of melanin present. 

It did seem that there were some parts of "The Help" that didn't really contribute much to the movie, such as the main character's Mom making reference to new treatments for girls who have unatural attractions to other girls.  I kind of got the feeling they were making fun of Biblical references and making some sort of comparison to bigotry based on skin color.  I'm not sure about that and since it was just a blip in the plot I'll move on.

The movie somehow managed to make us laugh and cry, all while considering one of the darkest stains on our country.  The acting was great!  I particularly enjoyed watching Ron Howard's daughter, Bryce Howard, play the part of the person you most want to dislike.  She's a pretty versatile actress!

The thing that made me most happy, though, were the previews.  I'm not kidding!  I don't know that I've EVER watched previews and wanted to attend ALL of them.  Did you all see Fireproof?  Well, the makers of Fireproof have another one coming out.  I've forgotten the name but it is about Dads becoming better fathers.  All of the previews were about movies that seemed to have something important and good to say.

Maybe there is hope for the film industry after all.

And on to another issue...
Maria (daughter) and I have been busy preparing for Fall at our Etsy shop, Wyoming Rose Boutique.  Also, we are going to do our first craft sale on September 24!  We're kind of excited about that.  We've decided to discontinue our shop blog, though.  Our plan is to just occasionally give shop info on our personal blogs.  Maria had the idea of doing some tutorials also.  I think that will be fun!  In fact, Maria 
posted a great tutorial yesterday.  Check it out!  And while you are there, browse around.  She has the greatest blog EVER!  She loves new followers as well!

Have a great week-end!


Maria Rose said...

I am glad you enjoyed the movie. I really enjoyed the book and can't wait to see the movie.

Thanks for the shout out. Love you!

AKM said...

The Help is on my to-be-read list, but it's long, and with grad school, it's so hard to find reading time. I'm thinking of picking it up and devouring it on my Christmas break. I've heard that the movie is wonderful so I may just go ahead and see it first. Glad you had a good time!

I really enjoyed Fireproof, and I'm not even part of the target married-people audience! Everyone can learn something from it. I also want to see Flywheel and Facing the Giants, made by the same Christian production company.

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