Friday, September 09, 2011

What's Up With the Walmart Bathroom?

I don't really want to go into all my qualifications right now,
but trust me when I tell you that I am an expert on bathrooms.

I have done my research on many public bathrooms.
This photo was snapped in one of our local Walmart bathrooms.
I hope that wasn't wrong.
I had not planned to take a photo;
it was a spontaneous decision.

I had just exited one of the stalls.
Mike is probably reading this and worrying what I might say next.
He says I am sometimes too "earthy".

Anyway, no one else was in the bathroom.
I went up to one of the faucet areas and waved my hands...
I wriggled my fingers around in front of that little automatic window 
that is supposed to notice me and provide cleansing water.
Still nothing.
Eventually, after doing a lot of sign language type movements,
I got water.
This happens all the time!
It's frustrating and
it's annoying to have to work so hard
 to get that little spray of water!
So, I washed my hands, using a thorough scrub technique.
I sudsed up really well.
I even took time to rinse under my finger nails.
That's not really the point of this story
but I thought you'd like to know.

When I was satisfied with my wash and rinse I
turned and headed to the paper towel dispenser.

Guess what happened?
As I passed by in front of all
of these little wash areas, on my
way to the paper towels,
the water came on in each!
It was as though they were
laughing at me!

After quickly drying my hands I
simply couldn't resist pulling my camera out
of my purse and snapping this photo.

Just as I turned and rounded the corner
I literally ran into another lady.

Thankfully I don't believe she saw me taking
a photo of the Walmart bathroom!


Maria Rose said...

Is there a moral to this tale? I suppose not there is no sense to be found anywhere in Walmart.

Happy Elf Mom said...

I hate the little stalls! They splash my hiney when I stand up and I can't get away fast enough! That needs to be illegal!

Niqui said...

Too funny!!

Thanx for the smile (^^,)


AKM said...

*snort* This post is too funny!

Susan S said...

If I made you guys smile or better yet, snort, then I am happy, happy, happy!

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