Wednesday, July 20, 2011



There is NOT enough compassion in this world.

Why are some people so very caring and others only interested in themselves?

At what age does compassion begin?

Is it a learned trait?


Do we all develop compassion and then some lose it?

Or do some just never develop compassion?

What do you think?

I don't know all the answers but I do know that it can begin at quite a young age.
Cordelia is not quite 22 months old but she seems to have a sense of compassion. 

Remember my wounded shin?  It's not been all that painful and I often forget that it is there.  Cordy, however, has been quite concerned...perhaps even obsessed.

(Just in case you've forgotten)

Cordelia also found a little scratch on my other leg.  She'd point to that one and say, "Little Owie."  She'd then move to the leg with stitches, point and say with a bigger voice, "BIIIIG Owie!"  Then, she'd look me in the eyes with her face sweetly concerned and say, "Be careful!"  Or maybe something more like, "Be caowful!"


Maria Rose said...

She is so sweet!

Kate Ware said...

Such a sweet soul!

AKM said...

Oh, looking out for her grandma! So precious!

EJN said...

What a precious girlie. So sweet to be concerned. Do you think Cordelia may have been given the gift of mercy? I think God puts bents in all our little ones and it is our job to call out their particular gifting and help them work on things that are harder for them.

Susan S said...

EJN, I totally agree that parents (and grandparents) are to help little ones develop their gifts, protecting them from discouragement. Thanks for your comment.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Dear Susan... you are obviously a perfect lesson in compassion for sweet little Cordelia. I stopped in to thank you for your kindness... your compassion displayed by your recent comment on my blog... The kindness of strangers... it makes all the difference... thank you again... and thank you for teaching a new generation... blessings ~ tanna

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