Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On the Brink of Relief

It has been really, really hot at our house over the past few days.  It reached 102 on Sunday.  Because our swamp cooler died we've been absolutely wilting!

However, Saturday we got a new furnace with an air conditioning unit!!!  Yippee!!  They are finally here!  Aren't they pretty?

To our great disappointment on Saturday, when the air conditioner guy was here to install it all, we were told the electrician couldn't come that day to hook it up.  So, we could SEE our relief at hand, but still, we were wilting.

I was so disappointed, not only because we were miserable, but my Mom had come to visit.  This doesn't happen very often.  She brought her two dogs and we were all ready for some fresh air.

This is Whitley

This  is not a great shot of Sophie but isn't my Mom pretty?

Bumble bee and her family were there as well.

Mike has always been kind of a dog whisperer.

As you can see, we had a lot of hot dogs (not to be confused with hotdogs) around.

I think Cordelia was onto a good idea.

She'd spray herself with the sprayer I use for ironing as well as for correcting Bode.  Then, she'd get a drink.

Well, Saturday during the night my Mom got sick from the heat.  By morning she was pretty miserable and so she loaded up her "girls" and headed home to her cool house (a few hours away).  By Sunday afternoon I was wishing I'd gone with her!

Yesterday (Monday), we were happy that the electrician showed up pretty soon in the a.m.  :-) but disappointed when he said he thought he was just coming to give a bid. :-(  Thankfully, he realized our distress and agreed to come back that afternoon with "some guys", which he did. :-)  The air conditioner guy said he'd come back as well, to get it all going.  :-) Yippee! 

Of course, with all this coming and going one of us had to stay home to facilitate all this.  The electrician did indeed come back.  He worked his magic and then he left.  And then he came back again because he realized he also needed to hook up the thermostat.  Then more guys came because apparently hooking up the thermostat required drilling and more guys to help.  Then, they all left.  We waited for the furnace/ac guy to return, as promised, to get it all going.  We waited.

I made an evaporative cooler of my own...

We waited.

This is my hair up OFF my hot neck.

We waited.

This is me trying to even keep my "growing out bangs" off my face.

I know, I know.... fancy, huh?

I won't show you the picture of me crying when the air conditioner guy called and said we'd have to wait another day as he was tied up with some other jobs.  All right, I didn't really cry but that was probably because I was too dehydrated.

He must have heard the sobs because he promised to come as early as we'd get up today.  I told him to come at 6:00 a.m.  He said that he would.  I set our alarms for 5:47 and we got up promptly, ready for the air conditioner guy. 

It is now 6:55 and he is

NOT here. 

I will not whine.

I will not whine.

I will not whine.

OK, who am I kidding, I'm whiny.


Susan S said...


Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh....... it now feels so good!

Maria Rose said...

So much better!

AKM said...

Oh, good! It's just BAD out there! I think we hit 100 yesterday in St. Lou. Today is going to be about the same. I pray daily in thanksgiving that I'm kept cool at home and work, and I pray for those who have to work -- or live! -- outdoors, as well as all of the animals. I love seeing the seasons change but summer is my least favorite. Hang in there!

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