Thursday, May 05, 2011

I am a Hypocrite!

So, did you read yesterday's blog? 

Well, I'm a big fat hypocrite. 

Yesterday I took Maria and Cordy to the mall, a tradition we seem to do about once a week.  Our husbands met us at the food court at noon for lunch.  After lunch we all went to pet puppies at the pet store, then the guys left.  Maria and I often go drive around after our mall lunch, visiting until Cordy falls asleep.  We then get fancy coffee for a little treat...great tradition! 

Yesterday, Cordy was really worn out and as we left the mall, it was obvious she was getting very tired.  This picture isn't from yesterday but it gives you the idea...

Well, I needed to run into Walmart for an item so Maria took Cordy out of her car seat and we headed in.  Just as we were making our way through the parking lot with the sleepy little girl, I remembered that I'd just blogged about my irritation with people taking their little kids shopping when they needed to be napping!  I busted myself!

Luckily, Cordelia rarely throws a fit.  She just sagged into her Momma and blinked long slow blinks.  I promise you, we did NOT talk mean to her!  Once we were back in the car, though, we'd gone maybe 2 blocks before she was out!  Poor little girl with the thoughtless Grandma!

Even though I felt guilty, I still enjoyed my cup of flavored coffee.  I went with butterscotch yesterday.  Yum!


Maria Rose said...

We had a great time even if she was sleepy.

Susan S said...

Thanks, Maria. And thanks for not telling everyone that not only was she sleepy but it turns out she was getting sick.

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