Wednesday, May 04, 2011

One day, when returning my shopping cart to the little corral place, someone walking by offered to take my cart.  Such a simple offer but it made me feel just a little bit better about the world.

Truly, it only saved me a few steps but it really did more than that.  

You know how sometimes a little event in a store can put you in a bad mood?  Maybe someone races to get in the check-out line before you or they talk real loud on their cell phone while blocking the aisle?  One of the worst for me is shopping in the early afternoon, hearing all the little children crying their way through the store while their parent talks in a mean voice to them.  I really want to just suggest they take naptime seriously and plan their shopping trips around that.

Oh, wait... this post is going in the wrong direction and I'm getting kind of down again!

OK, back on track!  I wanted to just talk about how one simple little gesture can  brighten someone's day.  I'm not talking about changing a life, but you never know how far that one gesture could go.  Perhaps by offering to return a shopping cart for somebody you put them in such a good mood they go home and speak more kindly to their child, who then loves up on the puppy instead of pulling it's tail.  The puppy grows up more calm and doesn't bite the mailman.  The mailman then has a brighter outlook on life and smiles at a group of teens as they drive by.  The teens then feel valued and instead of joining a gang and spraypainting grafitti, they go to college. While at college, one of them develops an interest in medical research and eventually becomes world-renowned for developing a cure for cancer...all kinds of cancer! 

Whew!  Good thing you offered to return someone's cart to the cart corral!


Momma CupKate said...

I agree with shopping in the early afternoon. Breaks my heart to hear children being smacked because their parents would rather make them quiet than listen to them. Small kindnesses restore my faith in humanity.

Kate Ware said...

Practice random acts of kindness. :) Imagine what a better world it would be if we all did just one intentional kind, unexpected thing a day -- especially to a stranger!

Susan S said...

Yes, Kate and Kate, the possibilities for goodness are limitless. Maria's blog often has Kindness Bandit articles where she tells of intentional acts of stealthy kindness. She's pretty inspiring!

Maria Rose said...

Just a few days ago a kind woman offered me a cart. Made my day!

Theresa said...

Thanks for this little reminder! Throughout my day little things happen. I am looking for something and I find it. Or someone calls out of the blue and cheers me up. And I usually just say, "Thank you, God." :)

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