Saturday, August 09, 2014

Wyoming Wildlife

I was snooping around on Mike's phone this week-end. OK, I wasn't reading his texts or checking his phone messages. I was snooping through his photos to see if he had any good ones. He did! Two that I found were typical Wyoming shots so I thought you might like to take a peek as well.

This one was taken from the front door of our church. We often have antelope meandering across our parking lot and munching around on the lawn. One day Mike came out and saw a baby antelope. That's not something you'll see in the city now, is it?

This other photo must have been taken last time he was in Yellowstone Park. By the way, if you've never been to Yellowstone, it is time to plan that vacation.  Here, take a look...

When you visit, just remember that you aren't supposed to pet the buffalo.
It is a really bad idea.

Last time we were at Old Faithful, waiting for the eruption, we noticed the
crowd along the boardwalk kind of moving and murmuring. Eventually we realized a bull buffalo was coming down the boardwalk and people were just moving aside only enough for it to pass.
When we saw it, we promptly got out of the area. Often the buffalo just ignore the people but sometimes they do not.  I discovered that YouTube is full of buffalo attack videos. This one was shot right by Old Faithful, near where we saw one wandering along that very boardwalk. Don't watch it if you think it will give you nightmares but it isn't bloody or anything. It will just scare you to see how stupid people can be sometimes.

Hmmm... I didn't know I was going to lecture about buffalo safety when I started this post. That was a surprise to me as well.


EJN said...

Big Smile. Wyoming pics are among my favs!!! Thanks for sharin' - and uh...yeah... buffalo are wild. It doesn't surprise me that you tube is filled with tourist idiots --- I mean wild life novices - not idiots - sorry about that! ;0]

Susan said...

Wild life novices... I like that! It sounds so politically correct.

Allen said...

Idiots is correct--political or not

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