Sunday, August 10, 2014

Apparently, I Don't Want To

Sometimes little kids say things that seem funny at first, but with more thought, actually prove to be rather profound. Cordelia said one of those things to me recently. Just look into her eyes here. You can see some wisdom there, can't you?

So, here's the story. I was driving with Cordelia in the car seat I have in my back seat. We have some of our best conversations in the car. She had just finished a week of Vacation Bible School and was bubbling over with enthusiasm as she told me all they had done during the week. 

One of the things Cordelia told me was that they had played games. She corrected herself then to say that the other children played games but she did not. Naturally, I asked her why she didn't play games. She stated, "Because I freak out when I don't win." I know this to be true and I thought she was pretty self aware and truthful. Still, I felt I needed to say something to encourage her to try to work on this problem rather than just accept it and let it keep her from having fun. I know her parents have worked with her on this so I don't know why I thought I needed to speak to it, but I did.

I said to Cordy, "Can't you work on that problem so you stop freaking out?" She calmly replied, "Yes, but apparently I don't want to." 

See what I mean? I laughed in my head because really, it was a funny thing for a "four-and-three-quarters" child to say. 

As I thought about her words, I realized they could apply to me, and likely most people. Here are some statements that would apply to me:

       I could be more faithful about daily exercise, but apparently I don't want to.
       I could keep my house shiny clean, but apparently I don't want to.
       I could always eat only healthy foods, but apparently I don't want to.
       I could give more of my time to others, but apparently I don't want to.
       I could clean out my closet, but apparently I don't want to.

I think you get my point, don't you? Cordy's simple answer just skipped right past all the excuses. She didn't blame her genetics or her environment or anything else. She just told it like it is. I'm thinking there is a lesson in that. The honesty is better than a bunch of excuses. 

Of course, as refreshing as such honesty is, it really is just a start. Of course Cordelia needs to eventually conquer her tendency to freak out when things don't quite go her way. She will, in time. 

The real question is, will I clean out my closet any time soon?


EJN said...

Loved this. Smart girly! Ouch.

Cindy said...

Wow! She has such insight for a 4 year old. Impressive.

Maria Rose said...

She is kind of amazing.

Allen said...

WOW Maybe IIIIII don't want to.

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