Friday, May 02, 2014


Near my bed I have a little wooden box that I received in high school. It isn't anything special. In fact, it was something given to all senior girls from a furniture company. I think it was supposed to make us all want to run down to their store to buy the larger, matching hope chest.  I didn't buy a hope chest but I've used this little one for many things over the years. Now I almost never even notice it.

The other night Cordelia noticed it. She was pretty excited to have found a treasure chest! All she found inside it, though were some old letters. Truthfully, those letters may seem like a treasure to her someday as they were written to me by Mike before we were even married. Yes, someday she will think they are sweet.

However, on that night she was looking for a different kind of treasure. We took the letters out and went in search of something that seemed more precious to a four year old. As it turns out, she found plenty of treasures where I hang my necklaces. She was pretty proud of her finds!

Of course, the real treasure in this story wasn't my costume jewelry. It wasn't even the old box that usually holds precious letters.  (warning: sappiness coming...) The real treasure in this story is the little imaginative treasure hunter, with a little oreo cookie still stuck on her face, leading grandma on a treasure hunt. Yep. Precious!


Pam Brewer said...

I have the same box! I think mine has some old letters from high school, ticket stubs, a broken leather friendship bracelet, and the like.

Holly said...

My mother had that same box! I have it now and keep momentos of her and my Dad.

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