Saturday, May 03, 2014

Artists, a Boot-Wearing Fairy Princess and a Little Flower Girl

Last night we went to an art exhibition so today I am feeling more cultured than usual.

This particular exhibition was special because it was curated by our son-in-law. He did such a nice job!

The artist, Michael Copeland, is special to our family as well. He was Maria and Eric's mentor/teacher when they were in high school and he has remained a big inspiration to them. His wife, Victoria, has also become a dear friend to our kids. She is also a fellow blogger and she often shares wonderful, wonderful recipes here.

There were some surprises for the Copeland's last night. As it turns out, Maria and Eric were not their only former students who arrived for his show! They came from out of state to surprise him! Maria will have some wonderful photos to share, I'm sure. For that reason, I am going to wait and let Maria tell you more about this event and Michael's work. She is going non-stop this week-end but Monday she will have some wonderful photos/stories to share. Keep checking here for that post.

After enjoying the art for a time, I took the little girls home to spend a bit of time with them and then to get them to bed so their parents could enjoy some time with their dear friends. Before we even left the parking lot of the art museum, though, we had to stop and spend some time in the flowers. All I had was my phone to take photos, but they were just so cute I could not resist.

I especially loved the outfit Cordelia had put together for the art opening. She was like a beautiful little boot-wearing fairy princess!

I love her style!

Elise was all about the flowers!

Did you have anything fun on your calendar for this week-end?

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Anonymous said...

Our Grand daughter when she was about her age, was simular in many ways; I think she would change her dress about 5 times a day if you would let her; she tried every assembly she could think of, look in the mirrow, and take it off and start all over again...

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