Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Mean Pastor and Our Spray Bottle

Sometimes, when I don't know what I want to blog about, I look through photos to see if I can find something I think you should see. This is one of those times. Let me give you  some background information first.

It started with Bode.

Bode is naughty. Sometimes he is really naughty. Oh sure, he is sweet and lovable and all that, but he can be really, really naughty. My first tendency is to holler at him when he is doing something he should not, like eating plastic things. As it turns out, hollering does not much affect this particular canine.

Then, we were told about the spray bottle. Maria and Eric taught us about use water for discipline purposes, I think. They found it very effective for keeping their bassett hounds from jumping up on them. Apparently we are too cheap to get more bottles so we use the one I keep for ironing clothes. Let'a get real. It doesn't see that much action by the ironing board anyway.

The spray bottle works great on Bode! All I usually have to do is hold it up  for him to see it and he settles right down. However, I often can't remember where we last set it down, but that's another story.

Anyway, this post isn't really about Bode. It is about Mike. My dear, sweet, saintly (ha!) husband uses it more often than he should! And he doesn't just use it on the dog. When I took this photo, he was threatening me with the squirt bottle! That just isn't right, is it? He doesn't just threaten us, either. I have lost count about how many times I've felt the startling cold, streaming bullet as it was aimed at my.....  self. He even shoots his sweet little granddaughters with it! I'm not kidding; he is ruthless!

Maybe you shouldn't mention this to people in our church. It might blow his pastor image!


Michelle said...

It's always good for people (that means congregations, too) to remember that pastors are real, live human beings.

And---you still iron? I do still own an ironing board and iron, but can't remember when I last used it. If I still sewed, it would be used during that process. I can't work myself up to sew any more, and I can't see well enough to thread the needle!

Maria Rose said...

Dad issuch a bully with that!

Allen said...

We have to look out for the PASTOR with a spray bottle. Maybe we need squirt guns???? The Bully

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