Friday, April 11, 2014

My Cup is Overflowing

I was going through old photos again tonight. I came upon this one...

I think I was just trying to get photos of the drops of water hanging on that evergreen tree. They were sparkling and pretty. I didn't get any very good close-ups on those drops so I was disappointed with this photograph. However, looking back now, I really like it. There, in the background, the sun was putting on a pretty good show and I wasn't even paying attention to it! I was just focusing (pun intended) on my disappointment over the little drops photo I'd planned.

I wonder how much else I miss in life, what kind of  beauty do I overlook, just because my plan hasn't always gone perfectly? I have some things in my life that have not gone exactly as I thought they should, but in the background of my life, there is so much beauty, so much abundance. 

One of my goals recently has been simply to live a life of more gratitude. I've been given so much, a loving family, useful work, great friends, more than enough food, a home that surpasses my needs, and so much more. My cup is overflowing.

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