Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sunday at Church

Today was a special day at church.
We had a children's program, which meant there
were a lot of parents there with a lot of cameras.
That also meant I could take photographs freely.

I love Sundays.
I love being at church.
I am there an hour early to 
practice singing
on the worship team. 
It is one of my favorite times of the week!

Our son-in-law, Eric, sings on the Worship Team with me.
I love that.
He also plays bass guitar.
He also plays drums.
Not all at once, but he is certainly one talented guy!

Cordelia was in the program and couldn't have been sweeter. She told us she felt a little scared but she enjoyed it. I loved that she waved to me during the program.

Maria and Elise were enjoying it all.

Apparently Cordelia's star power was blinding to Elise.

 It was easy to take photos of my man.
I made it look like I was just taking pictures of the children.
I'm pretty sneaky that way.

Sam always, always arrives late for church.  Always.
He was pretty surprised when I turned and snapped his photo!

And here she is, our favorite little performer!
That face always makes me smile!


Allen said...

WHAT!!! No pictures of the cleaning crew?

Michelle said...

What a beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

TY, I enjoy seeing pics of beautiful people, including Mike...Ha Ha Ha, kidding of vorse...

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