Monday, April 21, 2014

Grab Some Potato Chips!

I have so much sweetness to share today, you are going to need some potato chips to counteract all that sweet!

I took a ridiculous number of photos yesterday. Well, YOU try to resist snapping photos of little girls all dressed up and feeling beautiful! You won't believe it but I've actually done a lot of editing. I'm shameless, I know. This time in our lives is fleeting, though, and I want to absorb every bit of it. Also, these girls have other grandparents/aunts/uncles who may enjoy seeing these photos.

Hey! Why am I explaining myself to you anyway? It's my blog and I'll post lots of grandma photos if I want to!


Maria Rose said...


Michelle said...

You just go right ahead and keep posting all those Grandma (and Mother and Friend) photos. I love seeing them. They are so precious. Think about the days when communication was so slow and difficult when family members lived far apart--these blogs make me feel almost as though I were there.

Sue said...

Thanks, Michelle. Between Facebook and all of our blogs, we surely do have an easier way to keep in touch. I do love that!

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