Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Behind The Final Photos

OK, one more day of Easter photos... but with a twist.

After showing all the pictures of our perfect little granddaughters, I decided it would be kind of fun to show the  not-so-perfect photos. I think you may enjoy them.

Let's start with this pretty little girl. Cordelia really has a big, big heart. Recently, after I mentioned how nice it would be if we bought a house that was for sale in their neighborhood she said, "Well, why don't you?" I told her it was a lot of work to move so she offered to help. So, I told her it cost money to buy a new house so she told me we could share her family's money. After a pause she did admit that she didn't know if that was ok with her parents but that it was ok with her. She also mentioned that her piggy bank was full and that she didn't need that money. Now that is one sweet little person!

However, she does get a bit tired of me trying to capture those sweet photos of her. At one point Sunday she told me I needed to just take videos because she just couldn't stand still. Then, she decided I might enjoy some different looks...

The One-Eyed Girl

 The Girl With the Serious Underbite

 The Girl Who Can't Open Her Eyes

 The Girl With The Stretched Down Face

 The Yelling Girl

I wanted the little girls, then, to pose together. It started off pretty sweet but as I kept clicking, things rather deteriorated. Apparently, Cordelia was really bugging Elise. It seemed Elise could handle the situation, though, so I just kept taking photos.

And I already posted a nice photo of their parents. Here's a taste of what it took for me to get to that photo.

I don't know how professional photographers do it!

And this last bit doesn't really have anything to do with photos but it made me laugh. Our borrowed family member, Laura, was talking to me before we went to Maria and Eric's for Easter Dinner.  I told her I had made some rolls to take but that they really didn't taste too good.  Without missing a beat she said, "I LOVE rolls that don't taste good!


Cindy said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one to have photo shoots like this! :)

Susan said...

Yea, I usually take sooooooo many more photos than I meant to as it takes that for me to finally get the ones I want. I'm not usually quick enough to get the photos I expected but sometimes the ones I get are more fun than what I'd planned.

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