Saturday, March 22, 2014

More Snow

We awoke to snow.

Yes, more snow.

I decided I needed to try to enjoy the beauty of it so before I even fixed breakfast I took my camera out for a little excursion in our yard. I am sorry I didn't work the camera as well as I wanted because it was that kind of snow where you could easily distinguish large, individual flakes.

I took a good look at this poor tree in our backyard. A year ago it was a lovely, well-formed tree. After that remarkable storm in October that broke so many trees around town, this poor teen-age tree will forever be misshapen. I am rather fond of it. I like that it still stands tall and proud with no apologies for its battle scars.

I looked around at some of the other trees that still bear the scars from that storm.

I've been looking again at all the branches around town that are wounded and dangling. I'm sure many of them won't leaf out and their destruction will become more apparent. Although we had our's professionally trimmed after the storm, we still have evidence of the brutality they all endured.

This evening, I took my camera out again. And again, I was disappointed in my photography skills.
I was trying to capture drops that had frozen on the tips of the blades of grass. Can you see them? They were all sparkly and looked like diamonds balancing there. I had not seen anything quite like that before.

OK, winter, nice show. Let's just call it your encore, ok? 

Move along now.

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Maria Rose said...

So ready for spring!

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