Sunday, March 30, 2014

Making Silly Memories

Sunday evenings at our house are all about family, dogs, little kids, toys strewn about, noise, food and often a lot of silliness. I'll show you.

Betty wasn't really as sad as she looks.
Really, she was pretty happy because at
Grandma and Grandpa's house 
she gets lots of snuggling.

Remember that last Sunday we took Laura out for dinner 
to start off her birthday week?
We fancy ourselves to be her family-away-from-family.
Maria made a cake for her this Sunday.
She deserves a week-long birthday!

If you are trying to figure out her age according
to the candles you see, you may as well give up.
It made sense to me, but likely no one else.
I'll just say, she's still a sweet young thing.

 We were happy that Sam came by.
We still miss him but he is doing well out in the world as a grown-up.

Elise was getting pretty excited to see the cake come out. 

She kept asking for frosting.

But then, this happened...

For some reason, it really upset her to see Maria cutting the cake.

Not to worry, though. A little frosting took care of that problem.
Apparently Mike thought the frosting on her nose was a look
that would enhance his handsomeness.  

Because we all looked over to see him quietly eating his cake, 
with his nose decorated like Elise's.

Next, Maria joined the movement.

Then, the birthday girl got into the act.

Sam said they were weird but...

Cordelia and I didn't want to be left out!

Since I started this blog, I most certainly
have taken a lot more photos than I ever did before.
I wonder, will these photos help us maintain memories
of ridiculous times like this?
I hope so.
It's really these little, silly moments that make up
family memories, don't you think?

Do you want to share any silly moments from your family life?

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