Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Last Saturday when the little girls were at our house Elise kept asking, "Wo-wa go?"  She'd look so perplexed and extend her little arms out, palms up. She was wondering where are family friend, Laura, was.

We invite Laura to our Sunday Night Family Dinners (yep, these dinners are so special, I use capital letters) because we've enveloped her into our family. She has a lovely family and is most definitely not lacking in that way. They live out of state, though, so we like to be her family-away-from-family.

We don't want her to be lonely, plus, she just fits in and we enjoy her so much. I think Elise believes that she lives here.

Anyway, today is Laura's birthday! Happy Day to you, Laura!

We actually celebrated her day on Sunday by going out to eat together. Except that Elise wasn't feeling well, it was a nice evening.

Eric told us that Cordelia spent a good deal of time planning her outfit for the party. She was quite beautiful!

We have only cell phone photos to share, but they are better than none at all.

Anyway, we just want to say Happy Birthday to our friend and pseudo family member, Laura.

Hope your day is wonderful!

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Maria Rose said...

Happy bithday Laura!

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