Monday, December 16, 2013

Twirling Mary

Yesterday our Sunday School Children put on a fun little Christmas Play. You've got to love those, right!? They are funny and sweet and just adorable.

I'd planned ahead to take my good camera, imagining myself getting some really tender little photos of the sweet little person who was assigned to play Mary. Yep, Cordelia was Mary! I knew I had only taken a few photos since I'd charged my battery so I was ready to go.

EXCEPT... when I double-checked my camera I realized that after I had taken those few photos, I'd left my camera on! Yep. My battery was dead. What kind of grandma am I! Good grief.

Well, I managed to take a few cell phone photos of her.

 She was pretty cute with only her sweet little face showing. She did a twirl at one point! No, that wasn't in the script, but maybe it should have been. I'm sorry I didn't capture that moment.
Trust me, she wasn't so sober throughout the play!

Cordy's twirl made me wonder why we adult women don't still twirl from time to time. You know, little girls really have that down. I think the world would be a better place if we sll did more twirling. I'm going to work on that this week.

OK, I may not do more twirling, but I do think I want to try to show more joy this week. Maybe I will just start by trying to smile more.

I hope your week is twirly!

Check out Maria's blog today; I think you'll enjoy it!


Maria Rose said...

As a frequent twirled I am not sure what you mean.
Cordelia was sure happy weights show!

Michelle said...

I almost jumped up to do some twirling after reading this. Then I remembered that ever since I over-twirled and made myself sick as a kid it takes very little twirling to make me very, very dizzy. So, I thought better of the twirling, but it still sounds like fun!

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