Sunday, December 15, 2013

Caroling Encore

We enjoyed an evening of Christmas caroling tonight. A good group of us met at our church and we went from there. We try to go to the homes of people we know who are shut-in or who for one reason or another might appreciate a serenade.

I always worry that we may make someone feel uncomfortable. Maybe that is because I'd feel weird to receive that kind of attention. Still, it does seem that people like it; some even join in the singing.

Besides going to private homes we also caroled at an assisted living center and a nursing home. When we arrived at the first, another group was just finishing their caroling.  It seemed a bit awkward but we sang anyway as a lady from our church was sitting waiting in the dining area there. Later, when we went to a nursing home, those same carolers were there! This time, we joined together and sang as an even larger group. It was really kind of sweet.

As we were leaving that last nursing home someone caught us at the door and requested that we come back. One of the residents had just turned 100 years old yesterday and she wanted us to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. I pretended we were asked back for an encore! 

Do you go Christmas caroling? Where do you go? 

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