Tuesday, December 03, 2013


This is our busiest time of the year where I work. Everyone who has already met their yearly insurance deductible is eager to have other procedures now rather than waiting for the new year. Since I'm also learning a new position in the midst of all that busyness, I am POOPED! Sorry for the rough language. Rest assured, "pooped" is about as bad as my language gets.

Speaking of bad language, I sometimes worry what will happen if I get some sort of dementia. What if I start spouting out every bad word I've ever heard, all those words I've held in all these years? Does anyone else worry about such things?

Well, what weird things do you worry about? Mike thinks it is weird that I had an elbow phobia when I tried to be a golfer. Anyone else? I always felt that I might wind back and then swing hard but hit the ground instead of the ball, breaking my elbow. The funny thing is, I VERY often whiffed it. Is that the right word? I missed the ball for sure, but just caught air. That always feels nice to swing with all your might and then see that the ball was left undisturbed.

Are you wondering where this post is going?

Me, too.

I told you I was pooped. I often ramble on and on when I get tired.

I told you we decorated the interior of our house. We have lights on our tree and our tree is in front of the living room window and the curtains are open so I'm saying that counts as our outside decorations as well.

We are getting a cold front and snow with the wind chill expected to reach -30 degrees! I'm not too happy about that. Icy roads and wind gusts of 50 mph or so is not my favorite combination.

OK, this is just ridiculous. I think I will close with a joke.

What did the cobbler say when a cat wandered into his shop?

wait for it....



Michelle said...

You may have been rambling, but that is better than what I thought when I first saw your headline. You see, my eye difficulties are putting a little blur to every printed letter. At first glance I thought it said "Plumbing"--and I was sure you must have frozen pipes! So glad that my second look showed what it really was.

Regarding your bad words worry--do you remember June Beeman from PVBC? She told a story about a time when she had been under anesthesia and came out of it swearing--which, of course, she never did when in her right mind. That left me with a lingering worry about doing something like that whenever I had to have anesthesia or potent drugs. It has not happened to me, but I always have that little fear!

Maria Rose said...

Love the joke!

Sue said...

I just came back and noticed that I hadn't even spelled "rambling" correctly as I'd left out the "L"! What a mean thing to do to someone with vision problems!

I, too, am glad I didn't have plumbing problems.

And yes, I remember June Beeman and she most certainly would not have come out cussing.

Mom said...

I knew you would!

Pam Brewer said...

I think "cussing" makes us human. Levels the playing field.

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