Monday, December 02, 2013

Decorating for Christmas 2013

The first year Maria left home we had to adjust to some new traditions. She wasn't going to be home for Christmas Break until Christmas Eve. I imagined having the house all decorated, cheery and festive, when she came home. You know, like they do on all the Christmas movies?

Well, the Ben and Sam would have none of it. They refused to decorate without Maria.

I thought it was so sweet that they wanted to wait for her. However, I'm a bit suspicious, even still, that they just didn't want to do much of the decorating themselves. It's always been the boys putting up a few decorations then watching Maria really get into it. Whatever their motive, it was a good thing we waited. Maria didn't want to miss out on the decorating.

Now, even though Maria and Eric have their own home to decorate, we still wait until they are at our house before we do it. If you are suspicious that I really just like to let Maria do most of the decorating, you are correct. Her daughters really get into it as well, and it all works out great. So, Mike put on John Denver and the Muppets (a bit too loud) and we got started.

Sam was soooo excited to get started.

You can see that Eric was also anxious to hop to it.

Elise was good to go!
After she hung up each ornament she kept saying,

When shopping one day Cordy picked out two new ornaments for Mike and Me.
He received the red cardinal, for obvious reasons.
I received a blue whale because she couldn't find anything orange
and "blue goes so well with orange."

Maria works with the red finger weaving that she made in about third grade.
She is perched a bit precariously while wrapping it around the rail...

...while wearing high-heeled boots!

She managed to decorate without injury, though.
When we were satisfied with our work Mike turned out the 
overhead lights while
we all relaxed and enjoyed the tree.

The girls then did lots of dancing and 
twirling and
making us laugh.

Life is good.

Have you decorated yet?
Do you have any special holiday traditions?


Maria Rose said...

we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly

Lisa (aka Mollie's mom) said...

I won't put the tree up until next weekend. I would really like to only have a table one this year. I did teach myself to knit on Saturday and am making a Christmas scarf.

Susan said...

I'd love to see a photo of your finished scarf! I think knitting is cool...I like the clicking sounds. I once taught myself enough to get started but it has been so long I need to start from scratch. Maybe you've inspired me!

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