Monday, August 05, 2013

Almost Like Star Trek

 I am soooooo excited! As I've mentioned, I have been trying to learn Spanish to help me better serve our Spanish-speaking patients. Last Fall I enjoyed a Spanish for Nurses class. Since then I have been working, rather off and on, with this...

It is called Instant Immersion and I really enjoy it. I actually find it rather relaxing. That is part of the problem, I suppose. I would try to work on it after a long work day and I often dozed off! 

Still, I felt I was learning a lot of words. However, I have not put enough time into it to be able to count on remembering what I've learned. My occasions to use it have been too few and far in between. I do plan to keep working at it. It's fun! If you are interested in learning a language on your own, they offer it for many other languages as well. It is rather inexpensive and definitely worth the money.

However, if you are like me and need something a bit easier sometimes, here's some news!

I just found another really, really useful tool! It is called iTranslate and it is for smart phones, both Android and iPhones. There are several others like it, such as Google Translate. I can't speak to which one is best but they all remind me of Star Trek!

Remember, they could use that device and understand all languages? It seemed like an impossibility at the time... just Sci Fi.  Well, I have almost that same power in my little phone now. I can speak a sentence and have it translated into other languages. It shows up in print, both in English and the chosen language for translation. I can check to make sure it heard me right before I show it to the person to read in their own language.  For many languages I can also click to have it speak the translation. That is wonderful in case the other person does not read well, is too young to read or maybe can't see well. Below is an example in Korean.

This is just a few more of the choices.

I was just so excited, I wanted to share my new fun with all of you! You are welcome.

Now, I have a little side note for Allen, who is having his 10 year check-up after his heart transplant:
  Best wishes, Allen
I won't be surprised if they make you 
the poster child for heart transplants!


Allen said...

Thanks Sue. Everything will be uterly fantastic. Wating for a blood draw and the day to begin. Tomorrow will be the main testing day, today will be a prep day.

Sue said...

Well, in between needle sticks, I hope you have a delightful time reuniting with your nurses, doctors and other caretakers.

Maria Rose said...

How cool!

Tina said...

That is way cool!

AKM said...

Wow! I want to learn Spanish, too. I got an app for my phone that has a word-of-the-day and such, but I like the idea of CDs or a computer program, too.

Sue said...

I really think this one is nice as you can see the words, pictures as well. You can also hear a Spanish-speaking person say the word. It really helps, but I'm finding my brain is not as elastic as it once was! Still, it's fun to try.

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