Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A Relaxing Float Despite a Bully Cloud

Yesterday Mike and I both had the day off, a rare event, so we decided to go out on the river again. This time we chose to go a bit out of town and float back in. We love it most when we are out in the country rather going through town. I checked the weather report and it looked to be good until after we were set to be back, so off we went!

I was enjoying watching this big pretty cloud follow us.

It was peaceful and relaxing.

We saw a big eagle in a tree.
I scrambled to get my phone out of the double
zip-lock bags, wrapped in a plastic grocery bag,
zipped into our lunch bag.
I was too late so I
went back to watching clouds.

I was also on the look-out for a moose as I'd
heard there was one spotted in the area last week.
At one point we heard a lot of trampling
in the brush and I got kind of excited when I saw a big dark
something breaking through to get a drink.
I said, "Oh look!" with maybe a bit too much excitement in
my voice as the big dark something turned out to be a cow.
Mooing followed.

So, more floating....
More relaxing....

Then, that pretty cloud turned darker and started chasing us!
I started to feel a little bit worried.
See my worried face?

It made rumbley sounds.

We could see rain.
We did NOT see any lightning but we did talk about
plans to get out of the water to wait it out, just in case.

We were still about 2 hours from our car but thankfully 
the big bully cloud passed over the river 
behind us and swerved around us. 
We were grateful.

Softer, gentler clouds came over us.

And sunshine warmed us once again.
Oddly, that was when we got rained on.
It was just sprinkles, really.
I turned my camera straight up toward the sky.
The drops appeared to begin high up in the clear sky.
We could see them falling toward us but
they just look like a couple of white ghost drops in the photo.

It was cool.
I tried to capture it to show you,
but you get the idea.

It was a good day.

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