Monday, July 29, 2013

Trading Spaces

Saturday morning Mike and I had coffee together. It is not often that we get to sit down for morning coffee together. Usually I am the problem, often leaving for work about 5:30 a.m. We were enjoying a leisurely moment, making plans and talking about a variety of subjects. It was nice.

As we were talking about our plans for a rare day with no obligations, I told Mike that I was planning to clean up the Rose Room. Funny Side Note:  I just looked up the post about naming my craft room. I had decided to go with Kate W.'s suggestion that I call it the Paisley Room. Somehow, over time, I find I often call it the Rose Room. I don't know when that change took place! It is the room where I do a lot of my creations for Wyoming Rose Boutique and where I also have a lot of leftover craft items from my Grandma Rose, so I guess that is how I started just saying the Rose Room. Paisley Rose sounds nice, though, doesn't it? Maybe I can combine the two names.

Anyway, no matter what you call the room, it had become a big mess of halfway completed projects, mounds of fabric and yarn for future projects, as well as miscellaneous items that had no other room to call home. It was time to overhaul. I wanted to go through each item, discarding, sorting and organizing as needed.

Mike then made a comment about moving his music room, full of, well, musical stuff. He'd been considering moving it upstairs. Well, we got the bright idea to switch rooms. So, we did!

First, we moved all of Mike's musical instruments, bookcases and other things out. They had nowhere to go yet, so his stuff ended up in the family room and living room. Then, we moved all my stuff down to his old space. It was not pretty.

I did not take time to do all that sorting, discarding and organizing I'd planned. We just picked up and hauled it down. What I am showing you in the photo above is only the tip of the iceberg.

Once the old Rose Room was empty, we began collecting his stuff from around the house and moved it in. We must have gone up and down our stairs a hundred times. Well, maybe not a hundred but it was enough to exhaust me.

By the time we had everything in its new home, we'd pretty much used up the entire day! It was kind of fun, though. It was a bit like moving but we didn't have to forward our mail or anything. We've lived in this house over 9 years. That is a personal record for me but it is also likely why I've accumulated so much.  Maybe the gypsy in me is what enjoyed the weird trading spaces day.

Now, I can start organizing, sorting and discarding. THEN, I am going to get back to the business of being creative!  I can't wait!


affectioknit said...

Nice move! congratulations!

~Have a lovely day!

Michelle said...

So much for a nice relaxed day! Hope you enjoy your new spaces. I've often thought that if I wasn't moving I ought to pretend I was moving every few years, just to get rid of stuff I've collected but could get along without.

Maria Rose said...

Can't wait to see it

Sue said...


Sue said...

It wasn't restful but it felt good to do it. Maybe we should consider rearranging more of our home!

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