Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Baby Dragon, a Wethead and an Introvert

It turns out I wasn't quite done documenting Sam's 20th birthday.

I have told you before how miserable I am when it comes to baking cakes. If you have forgotten or just want to feel better about your own skills, click here and  here.  Really, I bake them fine, I just make a mess of them when I am removing them from their pan or try to frost them. Why in the world did I not always just make cupcakes? Problem solved. Of course that first link above will also take you to the crock pot cake recipe, which,  in my humble opinion, is the BEST CAKE EVER!  Yes, EVER.

The dumb thing about Sam's birthday dinner is that he doesn't really have much of a sweet tooth and didn't even care if there was cake. He had mentioned the day before that he wanted me to put a candle in a burrito for him. I provided the burritos for him and then I FORGOT to put a candle in it for him. It is possible that I won't be winning any MOM OF THE YEAR awards.

One of my favorite things at Sam's birthday gathering was watching Cordelia getting excited about the present she had chosen for Sam. She got him a figurine of a dragon emerging from an egg. She was so delighted with her choice and was certain Sam would love it.  Guess what!? He did! 

Elise did not really seem to care about Sam's presents. She did enjoy having her mother squirt her head with water.  Did I mention it was quite hot?

Funny little girl....
Actually, kind of a funny little mother, huh?

I have known and loved quite a few introverts in my life. I even produced one. I think Sam is still a little mad at me for taking him to preschool when he was three years old. He was really more of a one-friend-at-a-time kind of kid. He was always pretty comfortable playing on his own as well.

Anyway, Maria and Eric had a great t-shirt made for him. It was perfect and it made us laugh.

OK, I think I am done now.


Maria Rose said...


Michelle said...

As one of a long line of introverts, I LOVE that T-shirt!!

Wear it with pride, Sam.

Anne Marie said...

LOVE the shirt! :) I think I need one, too...

AKM said...

I need that shirt, too!

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