Friday, April 19, 2013

Yesterday Bits

Yesterday started out quite cold and with lots of snow piled everywhere. We had so much snow, Walmart disappeared! Well, perhaps it is just a matter of perspective. Also, notice that the snow packed and icy road is all melted.

As the melting continued, it became a great day for icicles. 
All of these were gone a few hours after this photo was taken.

I enjoyed a lot of family time as we celebrated Maria's birthday.
Yes, I know you shouldn't cut the cake before the candles are blown out...
unless your dog happened to reach it and leave a nose mark in the corner.
That figures. Really, I just have bad cake luck.
And in this case, a bad dog!

I didn't even try to get the cake out of the pan. 
It is just better that way. If you don't know my cake decorating history,
please click here.

Cordelia was invited to help her Momma blow out candles.

It was a lovely day!


Maria Rose said...

Thank you for making my day extra special!

Mom said...

Oh, Bode, Bode. Cake must have looked irresistaby good compared to dog food.

Michelle said...

I, too, could never make it as a cake decorator. So I subscribe to the view that it is the taste that counts!

elizabeth said...

ha! i'm not a great cake decorator either. :)

and snow, snow, go away!!!

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