Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wedding Sweetness

1 Peter 4:8

Above all, love each other 


because love covers 

over a multitude of sins.

The wedding on the mountain went well yesterday. 

I was proud to be the date of the most handsome man there.

There was a few unplanned events that occurred. I expect they will be the things those families speak of for years to come. My favorite was when the sweet little flower girl got almost to the wedding party when she kind of froze. I saw the groom beckon her to come to him, which she did. He then bent down and seemed to reassure her. Then, he calmly leaned down, scooped up a handful of flower petals and tossed them about. The little girl then went and sat down, calm and happy. It pleased me to see the groom deliver the petals. It was sweet.

Don't you think the things that go wrong at a wedding are sometimes the best parts? Tell me some stories of things that happened at your wedding, or any wedding, that made you smile or touched your heart.

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Maria Rose said...

I think it was funny that a groomsmen forgot dress shoes and that my nephews saturated my wedding dress with bubble solution. I loved the toast our ten year old nephew gave!

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