Friday, June 28, 2013

Thrifting and Mall Lunch and Floating the River

Yesterday I do believe I made good use of my day off. I did do some laundry, bought a few groceries and did a teeny bit of cooking, but otherwise I just had fun.

Sam came with me and we met up with Maria and Elise for some thrifting.  Cordelia was having a play date with her preschool teacher, Teacher Gwen. She was sooooo excited and felt so special to be invited to the teacher's house (or maybe she invited herself...not sure)! 
Anyway, Elise found a hat she needed.
FYI, she is wearing clothes that Maria wore as a baby.

Sam was a good sport and tried on
some fun things. I had his photo here but decided maybe
he would not appreciate that.
I will definitely save the photo, though, in case
I need to blackmail him someday.

Cordelia was back with us in time for mall lunch.
She had some fun at the little indoor playground there.
Actually, one little girl was kind of rude to her.
Cordelia is baffled by such behavior.
She went right up to an adult man and asked him why his
daughter was being mean to her!
He very kindly told her that girl wasn't his daughter so Cordelia
headed toward an adult woman to ask the same question.
Maria and I intervened. 

Elise doesn't know that she is smaller than Cordy.
She just takes off and plays like the big kids now!

 When Grandpa arrived, both girls wanted him!

By lunch, Cordelia was beat.
She was sad.
She said she missed Teacher Gwen.

After the mall, Mike and I had a river date.
It was our first float of the season!

 We have a new raft!
but I think we looked cooler in this new raft.

It was a good day.


Mom said...

I'm glad you got to have a fun day!

Maria Rose said...

Fun, FUN, FUN!

Michelle said...

Cool raft!

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