Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tying the Knot

Yesterday, after a lovely morning playing with Cordelia and visiting with her parents, we decided it was time to Tie the Knot!  

You see, one of the things Mike and I really enjoy is to float the local river.  Because I was too sick last summer, we never got a a chance to do it at all.  So far this summer we've held back because the river was flooded and not so very safe.  Some years we've actually had to stand up and carry our inner tubes because we were dragging bottom!  Not this year!  But it is below flood stage now so off we went!

Somewhere along the way we bought a 2 person raft, thinking we would upgrade from the inner tubes.  I'm not sure what 2 people would be comfortable in this raft, though.  It is pretty small and crowded.  We've improvised.  Mike floats in the raft and I float in the innertube.  However, we tie them together (get it, tie the knot?) so we stay close.  I think it probably looks pretty funny.  It also makes paddling a bit of a challenge as one oblong rafter tied to one inner tuber makes for a situation of being unequally yoked together... I know, I know, I'm just so very funny.

We sometimes go in circles but that just adds to the fun!

Yesterday we chose to go out of town a ways and float in for a couple hours.  We passed one row boat with fishermen in it right away but after that we had the river to ourselves until we were landing.  We ate our lunch, carefully gathering our garbage so as not to spoil the environment.   We chatted. 

We listened to birds singing.  In bursts we'd paddle like crazy to avoid hitting a log or smashing into bushes along the edge, but mostly it was relaxing and beautiful.

When we came to our landing spot we found quite a few people getting ready to launch.  They looked at us kind of funny I thought.  One was putting in his jet ski and others were putting in rafts big enough for 10 people to ride comfortably, cup holders and all.  
Well, we may have looked odd but we had a lovely afternoon.


Kate Ware said...

I do miss floating the river!! Seems like here, all they do is ride rapids, and that's too crazy for me! Looks like a lovely afternoon.

Nicole Justice-Kleemann said...

What fun!!!!

Maria Rose said...

You guys are sweet!

AKM said...

I love float trips! Glad you had such a great day!

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