Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flying Babies!

Babies are everywhere! Baby birds I mean.

Have you noticed? It is that time of year when baby birds are taking flight... sort of. I've noticed some aren't so very good at it. We had a baby blue jay in a corner of our back yard for a couple of days. His parents were very attentive but it worried me that he stayed on the ground so long. Thankfully, Bode isn't much of a bird dog. He was oblivious. I wondered if this guy was one of the attentive parents.

I also had a baby robin plop against our front window one day when I was sitting nearby. She clung to the little lip there for a long time. I could hear her parents encouraging her as well. Finally, she made a quick jump to a nearby tree.

The worst is all the baby birds that fly as far as the middle of our street. They are slow to take off so when I am going to work in the early morning I feel like I'm braking and braking and braking.

They are so cute, though! Babies just are, aren't they? 

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