Saturday, May 25, 2013

Walk for Life

Mike and I are once again planning to do the Walk for Life. That is to say, we are involved in a fundraiser for True Care (also known as The Caring Center). I am not good at fundraising and I don't often get involved in anything where I have to ask for a pledge. This is the exception. This is important enough for me to step out of my comfort zone.

Walk for Life is an annual fundraiser to help support the ministry of True Care. True Care is a place of hope. When a woman or girl is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, this is a place she can go to for help. It is a place she can go to for a pregnancy test, ultrasound and many other services. True Care will give information regarding her options. True Care's mission is to be a part of the movement to help find options that will erase the perceived need for abortions.

I am now on the Board of Directors for True Care. I'm not a Board of Directors kind of person but again, this is important enough for me to step out of my comfort zone. This is a life or death situation!

You see, I have decided I am a liberal. I don't understand why society thinks someone with my beliefs should be called a conservative. I think it is a very, very liberal idea to believe that all humans, inside or outside of the uterus, deserve to be protected. I believe a woman's instinct is to protect her young and I believe that going against her instinct will likely cause her a great deal of pain and regret later.

I don't feel called to political action as much as I feel called to a position of education. That is something that True Care does well. They have a well educated staff that has loads of information regarding resources of hope. That is really what they are about.... hope. They do their work without judgment. They do their work with kindness. They offer hope for a future for both the mother and the baby.

True Care will offer information and help for a woman who chooses to raise her own baby. They offer the same for a woman who chooses to make the sacrifice of adoption.

But that isn't all! If they help a young woman who then decides to abort her baby anyway, she is welcomed to return at any time in the future. There are women available, who had abortions themselves, who offer a place of refuge and a path to peace. All the work is done with a Christian attitude of comfort and forgiveness, love and kindness. That is really what I like most about True Care.

So, now you know why I am participating in this Walk for Life. If you are interested in making a pledge for our walk, please click here. We thank-you!


Maria Rose said...

As a vegan I am pro life on all fronts. I will be visiting your site on payday

AKM said...

Payday contribution here, too!

Mom said...

Thanks! I do realize you recently already donated to TrueCare. That was a wonderful Mother's Day Gift!

Sue said...

You are very sweet. Do you realize this is the 3rd time you've sponsored us for the walk? Thank you so much.

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