Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Walda, You've Worn Out Your Welcome!

These photos were taken when I returned home from work last night. 

I had been working indoors for 11 hours, spending the afternoon in a windowless room. 
I had thought Walda was supposed to have moved on by then but it was still snowing!

The roads were getting treacherous and the sky still looked heavy. 
I thought our mailbox looked kind of cool, though.

You people who live East of Wyoming... look out!
Walda is a troublesome guest and she's heading your way.
I won't be sad to see her go.


Maria Rose said...

no joke

Anne Marie said...

It is still dribbling snow here this morning...will it ever end???

Pam said...

There must have been more snow up north of us. They were predicting very large quantities, but it never became what they thought it would. We did have a whole day of blizzardy type conditions, and it is still spitting a little today, but not to the degree they thought/said. I am thinking you guys got it all, and we got the left overs. We ended up with a couple of inches... but were expecting about 20. We could have used the moisture no doubt.n Sure can't wait until spring though.

Janet, said...

The weather has been really weird this year. I am so looking forward to spring and summer. I hope we don't see any more of snow.

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