Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Be My Guest!

My friend, Nicole, gave me a great idea!  I get to write a post everyday here. Not everyone wants to have their own blog but maybe sometimes you feel the thoughts and words bubbling out with nowhere to go. Well...I am offering you a chance to write a guest post here on my blog.

There will be rules...
1.     Nothing offensive.  Of course it is hard to know what might be offensive, Since it is my blog, I would make the ultimate determination. Yep, kind of like I'm the queen.
2.     I get to make grammatical/spelling corrections. I know, I make plenty of my own mistakes. If I notice them in a guest post, though, it will bug me and I will have to fix it.
3.     I can make up more rules on a whim. It's hard to know what rules I might need.
4.     I will decline any posts that I don't want to feature on my blog. I'd be nice about it but if your post seems wrong for my audience, I will let you know.

So, Nicole? Anyone? If you have some thoughts to share, write them out and e-mail them to me at onlythemanager@yahoo.com. Send photos as attachments if you'd like. Tell me a bit about yourself if you wish for me to do any kind of introduction.

The invitation is open indefinitely! Here's your chance!


Maria Rose said...

Great idea!

Michelle said...

I love your rules!

Allen said...

OK Let's see 1 page-2pages? Great rules, I'm not a great writer so have fun.

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