Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Pastor Mike!

It's Mike's birthday!  Yay! I'm so glad he was born!  A big THANK-YOU to my mother-in-law, Carol. I celebrate you today as well!

A funny thing happened at work yesterday. Apparently, a lady from our church sent in birthday wishes to our local station. They announce it during their early morning show. Her message was very specifically to Pastor Mike, not just any Mike. It was from Susie. One of my co-workers saw it and, thinking it was from me, was talking about how sweet it was. (In case you don't know me, my name is Susan but I am also called Sue or Susie.) When I told her it wasn't me, she got kind of embarrassed and apologized for bringing it up. I told her it was all ok. The truth is, it IS from another woman and she DOES love my husband, but I don't mind.

Susie is a woman who is very precious. She doesn't have Down's Syndrome but she's dealt with similar challenges. After Mike first came to this congregation for an interview the congregation took a vote to see if they felt he was the one to be their pastor, Susie's was the only dissenting vote. You see, the previous pastor had a Down's Syndrome sister who was Susie's best friend. She thought if she voted against Mike, maybe that pastor would return, bringing her best friend back. Doesn't that just kind of break your heart?

Anyway, Mike learned this story and when we moved here, he took special care to treat Susie tenderly. Isn't he a sweet guy? She soon loved him. Now, at the end of any church service, she hustles to the fellowship hall and selects some cookies for him. She brings them out to him while he is still shaking hands with people at the sanctuary door. She does this so that he won't miss out on the good cookies. How adorable is that?

So you see, I wasn't jealous even though I know Susie loves Mike. I think he loves her as well. I would never want to interfere with such a sweet relationship.

That story may help you understand what a great husband I have. He notices people who may otherwise get overlooked. He's good at that. He knows how to make Susie laugh and how to make her feel valued. I love that about him!

Mike also has a very mean side to him, though. Yep, I'm telling you it's true. It's a very dark side not seen by many. You see, I am 8 weeks older than is he. Each year, those 8 weeks are just miserable. He's cruel with the old age jokes! This year his theme has been all about taking me out for a meal where I can order off the senior menu. Isn't that rude?! So, yes, he's good and kind to a lot of people, but don't you feel bad for me and for all I put up with? Anyway, I'm so happy it is finally his birthday so I don't have to be older than him anymore...until next February.

Happy Birthday, Pastor Mike!

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Mike!

And I loved the story about Susie.

Allen said...

Happy birthday to our pastor MIKE, we love you and we all love our Susie.

Maria Rose said...

Happy birthday dad!

Anonymous said...
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