Monday, April 15, 2013


Mike and I went out to hear a movie last night. Yep, that is right. We went and HEARD a movie. Actually, we saw the first half hour or so of it. Then, the emergency flood lights blinked on and then off again, followed by darkness except for the little tiny runway lights that light the stairs. The picture was gone but for some reason the sound continued.

I quickly thought the worst, that something bad was about to happen. I shouldn't admit it but I was kind of glad we were seated near the emergency exit as I was already planning an escape. Nothing bad happened, though. They turned on some lights that shone on the blank screen and the movie sound kept going. So, we stayed and continued to listen, despite the technical difficulties.

A lot of people went in and out, one guy right behind us started talking on his phone. I gave him a look and he got up and walked out, still talking. I think we stayed and listened for maybe 20-30 minutes more. We could still tell what was going on and it was a good movie. I kept hoping the screen would light up again but it didn't.

Eventually, even the sound was turned off. We found out that a power surge had caused all the theaters there (8 of them) to lose their pictures. They had managed to restart half of them but they were giving us rain checks for our's.

So, here's my review on the movie we heard...

The movie was 42 and it is a sports movie about Jackie Robinson. Well, it was a baseball movie but it really wasn't about the baseball. It was about the first black player given the chance to play in the previously all white professional baseball league. It was not an easy thing that he did; it was a dangerous situation. It is so hard for me to realize the hatred and stupidity he had to face.

This movie isn't all about difficulty and angst. There is also some romance as he proposed and married his beautiful wife, Rachel, early in the movie. It is about family as well. When their son was born he pledges to be a better father than his own had been.

I have to admit I never really thought of a baseball player as having such an important role in our country's history. I do, though! I think racism is one of the ugliest things this world has slung out there. I don't think it was Jackie Robinson's plan in the beginning but I do think he used his athletic talents in a way that led to some very big, very positive changes. Click here if you want to read more about him.

I give a score of 4 (out of 5) for this movie. It is pleasant, informative and exciting... as far as I could tell. I only hope I get to see it someday!

Then, here's a funny thing that happened AFTER the movie. We came home and I turned on SWITCHED AT BIRTH on Netflix. I've been watching it on and off for awhile. Quite a few of the characters in this show are deaf and use American Sign Language. Well, I started the episode and they made a little announcement that for that episode only, they would not use sound. The entire episode would all be in American Sign Language! I just thought it was ironic that I came home to watch silent television after attending a movie with ONLY sound. Irony, I guess.

Well, have a lovely Monday. I hope your week starts off well.


Maria Rose said...

Weird thing to happen!

Mom said...

Yes, very weird indeed. I was very disappointed that I'd left my phone at home so I couldn't even take photos for the blog.

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