Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sick Day

I woke up shortly after midnight yesterday morning. I knew right away that something was wrong. I am not too shy to tell you all about how I got sick (stomach bug) but I realize some people may not want all the yucky details so I will spare you.

By 5:00 a.m. I knew I had to call in sick for work. I HATE to do that but I could not have gone to work in my condition. In fact, I spent the entire day in bed! It wasn't all bad. I watched enough of Wild at Heart to need a break from it. Have you heard of it?

Wild at Heart is a British TV show that apparently ran for 7 seasons. It is about a veterinarian who moved from London to Africa with his family. It's a pleasant show to watch. I am loving the African scenery and the African animals as it was all filmed on location at an animal reserve there. It is really stunning! I almost feel as though I've traveled there now.

I enjoy Netflix. I find it is fun to pick a TV show and watch it for sometimes a couple of months straight. Yesterday, though, I got through an entire season! Admittedly I fell asleep through some of it but it was easy to back it up to pick up where I dozed off.

Do any of you watch Netflix or any of those types of services much? What shows would you recommend? Do you feel sad when you finish a series? I sometimes do. 


thats classified said...

Thanks for a new show idea. I too watch Netflix. I like Dr. Who and yes I am sad not to have any more to watch. Psych is pretty good too. Hope you are feeling better. So sorry! Tina

Anne Marie said...

I recently put this show in our Netflix queue, but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I'm looking forward to it, though!

We have gone through several series on Netflix and Amazon Prime. We have Hulu also, but usually watch current stuff only on it, because it does have some commercials. I am always sad when there are no more episodes in a series, especially when the show was cancelled and there was not a satisfactory conclusion to the story.

We are currently enjoying "White Collar" and "Alias" on Netflix, and Megan loves "Dr. Who" (the more recent version).

Anne Marie said...

Oh, how rude of me! Are you feeling better now? Hope you're over your bug. No fun.

Kirsteen Murray said...

I have to admit, I am British and have never heard of Wild at Heart!

I don't know if you get more choice on Netflix than we do over here, as I have heard a lot of folk in the US talking about how much they enjoy it, but when we tried it out for a couple of months we couldn't find anything we wanted to watch on it!

We use Lovefilm. Do you have that over there? It's a bit similar but you can rent DvDs through the post from them too.

Sue said...

Yes, I am feeling fine today. Sorry, I should have said that.

No, I've not seen Dr. Who but maybe I will start that next. I have enjoyed Psych. I also really enjoyed McLeod's Daughters as it let me go to Australia. On a lot of them I find I enjoy their early years better.

Kirsteen, I've not tried Lovefilm so I'm not sure. I do have Amazon Prime but some of those cost money, such as Wild at Heart, still and they are included for me on Netflix.

Emily said...

I'm chiming in late here, but if you have Netflix, check out the British show Downton Abbey! Season one is available on Netflix right now, hopefully Season two will be on there soon. Season three just started this month on PBS. I LOVE the characters and story lines!

Glad you are feeling better now!

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