Monday, January 21, 2013

Cinnamon Roll Caramel Waffles

Do you all have a Pinterest Account? If you do, follow Only the Manager (me) if you'd like. I'm finding I really enjoy peeking in on Pinterest more than I thought I would. There are such cool ideas there!

It's funny, really. Pinterest uses modern technology and concepts that would not have ever crossed my mind before. Yet, the more I see on it, the more I long for simpler days. I want to try every cool Do It Yourself project I see! And the recipes... there are some really wonderful ideas! I think maybe I could even be a reasonably good cook if I just had the time to try out some of those delicious recipes. I'm also finding lots and lots of crocheting ideas that I wish to do. If only I had more time!

This week-end, though, I did try out one of the simpler recipes I saw on Pinterest. I made cinnamon rolls on our little waffle maker.  I'm not kidding! It was tasty AND easy...just my kind of recipe. It was so delightful I decided I needed to share the joy with my readers.

To start I bought a tube of pre-made cinnamon rolls. I sprayed my waffle iron with an oil spray and heated it up. I chose caramel rolls but any would be yummy.

I separated the rolls and plopped two of them on the iron.

I closed the lid and cooked them just as if they were regular waffles.

When I opened it up again, it looked like this...

When I added the caramel that came in the tube, it looked like this...

You want a bite, don't you?

Now, the thing is, I make really good cinnamon rolls the old fashioned way. Someday I will share that recipe as well. This way, however, is pretty wonderful when you are in a hurry and not feeding too many people at once. It tastes even better than it looks!


Valerie said...

Turner may lose the grocery store this winter. So last week I took my list and started practicing buying all my groceries in Gary and Leo's IGA, Havre. Now I have always shopped there or other big grocery stores, usually when I am already in town for an appointment of some sort. But, I can always get the basics in Turner, and do. We have bought a lot of groceries over the years right here in Turner. Your post makes me think how nice it is to have a grocery store not very far away. A little trip to the grocery store and nice hot waffles for breakfast!

Susan Struck said...

Valerie, that makes me so sad to think of Turner losing its grocery store! I've become so spoiled, going to the store several times during the week. I remember once being more organized than that but not so much lately.

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