Monday, January 07, 2013

Looking Back - Sam

I know, it's all about the New Year right now.  However, I was looking through old albums and thought it might be fun to look backward just for a few days.

Anyone know this handsome little boy?  I will give you a hint... he is now about 6'4" tall!  Yep! That's Sam.  Wasn't he cute? I think he was about 5 years old at the time he was on that soccer team. It makes me smile to think of watching his little games.

At the end of that season the coaches asked us parents what to put on the trophies (we all paid for them ourselves). One parent said, "Put 1st place!" So, they did.  It wasn't true; I'm not sure they even won a game.  5 year olds don't always get that whole win/lose thing anyway and they all loved receiving a first place trophy! What a sweet time.


Michelle said...

Cute, cute! I remember looking at Jeremy when he was little, trying to picture what he would look like as a man. Of course, I failed at that--it is hard to see a grown man in a sweet little boy!

Maria Rose said...


thats classified said...

Sam has been/is a most thoughtful and sweet person. Tina

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